John Waddel – Chief Executive Officer
John Waddel is Principal/Chief Executive Officer at Madel Enterprises, with responsibility for overseeing company financials, setting strategy and vision direction for growth and providing goals and budgets while maintaining a desirable company culture.

John’s greatest strengths are his confidence, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. His vision and unwavering belief in the company and team that has been established at Madel Enterprises has seen year over year growth while maintaining an atmosphere people want to work in.

From 2006 to 2009 John served as the master exam proctor for the National Systems Contractors association and was instrumental in helping to develop and expand the Certified Electronics Systems Technician certification program.  System Contractor News magazine ran a small article on him during this period highlighting his work with this organization.  John has currently been approached by NICET to sit on a board to help review and update the current Fire Alarm Level II and Level III exams.

John’s long career and driven personality have layered him with a litany of certifications and licenses. He is a self-proclaimed family man and fitness/sports fan.  When he’s not on an adventure with his wife and young daughter he is applying his drive to his latest sports craze, currently being adventure/obstacle races, running and honing a painful golf game.

Elias Mack – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Elias Mack is Principal/Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Madel Enterprises, with responsibility for Sales programs, product review and selection, and market direction. Before launching into the Madel Enterprises venture with his partners Eli spent 12 years working in the low voltage industry & received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Averett University.

Eli’s greatest strengths are his incredibly likeable personality, motivation and love of all things technical. Eli brings an enthusiasm and energy to his ventures that pulls in everyone near him.  Whether it’s the latest laser video projection system or camera software control evaluation, he only has one speed, determined to know everything possible about the subject before moving on to the next.  The one sure way to get him to do something is to tell him it can’t be done.

In 2009 after five years of holding a full time job as well as a full college credit load Eli graduated something from Averett University with a degree in Business Management.   While technically gifted and trained in business management, Eli would be the first to tell you that “management” is not what he enjoys at all.  Eli’s true gift is people and his passion is marrying people and their needs with the latest technologies.

When not busy with Madel Enterprises Eli is very involved with his church and his daughters school.  Given his tireless energy and inability to sit still for long free moments find him out buying the newest coolest tools and launching into projects around his Richmond home.

John Sager – Chief Operations Officer

John Sager is the principal/Chief Operations Officer for Madel Enterprises.  John has a long history of being on the forefront of emerging technologies have cut his teeth as a phone man with Telecom in the late 70’s in Chicago and working his way through the ranks of telephony installation and development.  Always having a strong entrepreneurial spirit John was part of multiple phone startup ventures in and around the Chicago area before eventually moving to Richmond and becoming part of the startup trio that formed Madel Enterprises.

As Chief Operations Officer John is responsible for the implementation and delivery of all Madel’s projects, Supervision and management of the field staff, warehouse and fleet vehicles, all while attempting to achieve the efficiencies of corporate America without feeling like corporate America.  John’s greatest strengths are his confidence, calming influence and work ethic. His long history with major projections combined with a unique awareness of what is truly happening when no one else does creates an environment of trust in completion and instills confidence in his clients and his crews.

John graduated from school where he learned stuff is a numbers guys through and through.  His organizational skills and preparedness are a huge asset and a big part of the calm demeanor he reflects during the course of his normal business day.

With three children in college John is a newly minted empty-nester.  His favorite past time when not involved in one of his many social engagements with his church and community is his ongoing development work on his plot of land in Powhatan Virginia.

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